They Will Ban Something!

Please Read! Do not erase. Your liberty may depend on it! and will stop at nothing to take away your rights. They are planning to use to your constitutional rights. Backed by and , they have already in place. Everyone knows that used to conceal their plans. They have no respect for our rights. They have been hiding their true identity. Right now, they are meeting in with and agents of to plan the next step. We cannot let them succeed. The Supreme Court has determined that our rights are not subject to the jurisdiction of , nevertheless, intends to bypass the Court, Congress, and the will of the American people. They have done this before in Europe and look what happened. They used and successfully . We must resist and not act like mindless sheep. The last time they nearly , they were stopped, barely. This time, they will do anything to achieve their goal. When told the America people that change has begun, they really meant the time had come to ensure that they . Their timetable had begun. Sign the petition so that we can speak truth to power. We must protect our rights and stop them from using to take our rights away. We must unmask them! We must stop them!