About Us


Why have we created Conspiracy Mad Libz? Somebody had to salvage the sad state of conspiracy theories. A couple years ago, humorist Joe Queenan wrote that he was disappointed with the current crop of conspiracy theories with their clichéd storylines, humdrum locales, boring, faceless conspirators, and insufficient layers of mystery and machination. He noted that “Conspiracy theories need drama and mystery. They need to involve the Trilateral Commission and the CIA and MI6. They need to involve macabre goings-on in Dar es Salaam and the Cayman Islands. They need to feature assassinations, coups d’état, Swiss bank accounts, South African mercenaries” (WSJ column 10/16/14).  Queenan was right and it got me thinking that I could help. I am Krista Kafer, a columnist at The Denver Post and radio and television commentator. It seemed to me that by mixing the conspirators, the locales, the means, and the ends, we could create fresh, new conspiracy theories. To do this, we needed a recombinant DNA process for the project. Enter Mad Libs, the road trip game of my youth. Mad Libs demonstrated that a storyline can be changed with a just few different words. We also needed technology, a CRISPR of sorts for conspiracy theories, to inject new conspiracy theory DNA into old plot lines. For that I am indebted to John Downs of Downs Digital Marketing. Jax Downs, a student at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, drew the “Donate Now” and “Steal Election” illustrations. After months in the lab, we give you Conspiracy Mad Libz, a satire for an insane election year.