They Stole The Election!

It is no secret. and stole the 2016 election and installed as a puppet to achieve their ultimate goal. First they collaborated with to leak inforamtion damaging to our candidate. Then they tried to infiltrate to hack voting machines to rig the outcome. They also tried to prevent Americans from exercising their voting rights by manipulating the caucus system and requiring photo identification. In a YouTube video obtained from a secret meeting in , , the real head of , was seen advocating for the use . Their plan to influence the election ultimately succeeded and their mastermind never got caught. and covered it up. In 2018, they intend to use . It’s worse than you think. We have reason to believe that during their last secret meeting in , offered to fund a new effort to steal the next election to maintain power. They already have in place. If they are not stopped they will install more puppet leaders in 2018. They already own several Members of Congress thanks to unlimited campaign funding. They will be unstoppable. The public is utterly ignorant. has created propaganda to distract them. Unless you ACT, the may succeed.