They Will Win Unless You Donate!

Please Read! Do not erase. The election is at stake! have zeroed in on our Senator’s race because they know he’s the most endangered incumbent. They are working with and to raise money to defeat him this November. Ever since determined could raise unlimited funds, they have targeted our senator. These extremists will pour millions into this race. Video obtained from a secret meeting in showed and , who are associated with , admit their real intention is to gain a majority in Congress and to pass legislation favorable to and . It’s all about profits and power! With the use of , they will have . Their candidate is backed by and has the active support of . The candidate has admitted to wanting to the American people. Will you sit back and hand them another majority in Congress or will you donate now to protect the Senate from such extremism? Will you help our Senator ensure that and cronies at will prevail? Give today so that our Senator can get his message out to voters. Without you, the will prevail this November.