They Are Conspiring Against Us!


, backed by deep state operatives in the , will stop at nothing. They do not want America to be great again. Sad! Don’t believe the fake news; they are using to undermine our president. They plan to block our efforts to drain the swamp in DC. Everyone knows they have . In , they conspire to use to wiretap our offices. Illegal surveillance! They have no shame. No shame. It’s a vast conspiracy. The showed their strength bigly when they convinced three million to vote illegally to try and throw the election. They collaborated with the press and the Russians. They tried to rig the election and they failed! The was in on it. It all goes back to and . Follow the money! The sleepy eyed fake news press will never cover it. We have a beautiful plan and they hate it. We have the evidence! The will not get away with it. We are winning and we will keep winning. They can’t stop us!